Passport applicants: passport appointments are currently suspended until the end of the summer; our regular appointment sessions will resume in late August. Check our website for new openings after August 15, 2023 and please refrain from calling asking when the calendar will reopen because any and communications regarding passport is posted on our website. During the summer months you have the option to reserve an appointment before the Passport Office of the General Consulate of Italy in Los Angeles, CA through the “Prenot@mi” system accessible through the website of the LA Consulate. Here in Arizona we are and remain available for individuals with a real [i.e., documented] emergency situations. Should you find in such situation, please contact us by email: Buona estate!

Visa applicants/notary services/life declaration forms/RedEst forms/pension matters for residents of Arizona only: In summer our calendar is more flexible and as such these appointments might not always be on Wednesdays. Please make an appointment using the calendar below.