Passport applicants: Due to the large volume of applications and the limited resources of this office, we will no longer check your AIRE compliance ahead of your appointment. Be sure to reserve an appointment below ONLY if you are certain that your AIRE registration is current through FAST IT, address any compliance issues ahead of your appointment before this Honorary Consulate, and show up with a complete application using the checklist and the forms published on our website [please go to tab called “Services” and you’ll find everything you need]. The passport service will be denied to anyone who is not in compliance with the AIRE requirements and to anyone who presents a deficient application [example: missing/incomplete application forms’ missing/incomplete envelopes; missing/incomplete atto di assenso] – NO exceptions. If you need individual assistance in preparing your application, please call (602) 692-8127. Thank you for your understanding.

Italian passport applicants: appointments are set on a weekly basis, typically every Monday. Please reserve a spot from the calendar below. If on Monday you see no openings, it’s because: 1. All appointments slots have been booked; 2. We have not set our availability yet for the current week due to other pending issues. Do not call asking why/when/how comes/etc. Please check our website often because slots fill up fast. Forms + fees + checklist are available on our website under the tab called “Services/Italian passports“.


Visa applicants/notary services/life declaration forms/RedEst forms/pension matters for residents of Arizona only: Below is the calendar for you; the fees + forms + links to the Consulate in LA can be found on our website under the tab called “Services/Visas”. Shengen visa applicants: please make an appointment ONLY if you have already received a Shengen visa in the past 3 years. If you obtained a Shengen Visa more than 3 years ago or if you are a 1st time Shengen visa applicant: please reserve an appointment before the General Consulate of Italy in Los Angeles, CA. Lastly, overly-anxious parents of student visa adult applicants: please refrain from calling on behalf of your adult children¬†asking for an appointment. If your adult child needs an appointment before this Honorary Consulate, he/she needs to check our website often. It is that simple and it is that fair towards anyone. Thank you!