For the assistance with the issuance of an Italian passport to adults and minors above 12 through the Honorary Consulate of Italy in Arizona the following conditions must be met:

  1. Be an Italian citizen [NOTE: for minors born of Italian nationals, this means that any birth occurred outside of Italy must be first registered in Italian through the competent Consulate. If this happens to be the General Consolate of Italy in Los Angeles, please contact their Vital Records Office];
  2. Be registered in the AIRE with an Arizona address matching the one registered with the General Consulate of Italy in Los Angeles, CA, a pre-requirement that anyone can check through the FAST IT platform; 
  3. Have reserved a slot through the “Appointments” page of our website [NOTE: minor applicant will be authorized to reserve a slot only after their application has been reviewed and approved by the Honorary Consul. To this end, feel free to drop off a minor application anytime during office hours so that the HC has a chance to see it. If complete, you will be told to go ahead and reserve an appointment; if incomplete, you will be told what’s missing so that you can address the missing details. This is the only solution we have to an unbearable situation where too many parent come to the Consulate unprepared, thus creating delays that are unfair for everybody else sitting in the waiting room and wondering why it’s taking sooo long];
  4. Have all the forms printed and completed in all their parts except for the date & signature on the day of your appointment along with the pictures, the consular fee, and the supporting documents as applicable to your individual situation (see checklists below). This office cannot make photocopies/print/provide and or fill out forms for you because all this activity creates unjustifiable delays to anyone who has reserved a slot after you, and to the Honorary Consul’s agenda. Anyone who shows up with empty hands or with deficient applications will be asked to book a new appointment. Anyone who has difficulties accessing a computer or needs individual assistance with the preparation of the entire passport application is kindly asked to contact this Honorary Consulate by phone at (602) 692-8127: leave a message specifying the above with your name and a call-back number and we will contact you to make an appointment just to prepare your passport application.

On the day of your appointment, please be sure you bring all the items listed on one these 2 checklist (adults and minor applicants) that apply to you:

Click here to see the checklist for adults

Click here to see the checklist for minors

Below are the forms that you need to print and fill out [except for the date and signature] before your appointment:

  • Disclaimer form signed and dated [PDF]
  • “Domanda di passaporto” (i.e., application for the issuance of an Italian passport) for adult applicants [PDF];
  • Current application fee (as per article 27 A + B of the consular fee published on this website). which is due regardless if the applicant is an adult or a minor;
  • “Domanda di passaporto per minorenni” (i.e., application for the issue of an Italian passport for minors) [PDF]* (note: on this form, the signature of the biological parent who is NOT a EU citizen must be notarized);
  • “Atto di assenso/Consent” Form [PDF] for any applicant who is a minor (note: on this form, the signature of the biological parent who is NOT a EU citizen must be notarized);
  • “Autorizzazione alla rispedizione del passaporto” for adults [PDF] which authorizes the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles to mail you back your new Italian passport by USPS priority mail only [see example of the envelope here]. Members of the same family residing at the same address can send all their applications in the same envelopes to and from LA;
  • “Autorizzazione alla rispedizione per minorenni” (to be added to the one above) [PDF];
  • Specifications about the passport pictures format for your Italian passport, if needed.

Once your fingerprints are successfully collected by the Italian Honorary Consulate in Phoenix, they are immediately transmitted to the Passport Office of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles through highly-secured electronic channels. We highly recommend that within 10 days you submit to said Consulate your hard copy application so that the Passport Department of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles can match it with your data, and prepare your new Italian passport.

The address where to mail your complete Italian passport application is the following:

Consulate General of Italy
Passport Department
12424 Wilshire Blvd., Suite # 1400
Los Angeles, CA 90025