Article 28, par. 1, of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 71 of February 3, 2011, titled “Ordinamento e funzioni degli uffici consolari”, effective as of May 28, 2011, specifies that notary services rendered by the General Consulate of Italy are reserved to Italian citizens.

Notarial services are not included in the list of activities delegated to Mrs. Roberta Gentili-Purcell through the Ministerial Decree no. 5113/58/BIS.

Therefore, all Italian citizens residing in Arizona in need of notary services issued by the General Consulate of Italy in Los Angeles must contact the Legal Department within said General Consulate by email: Before you write to them, we invite you to carefully read all the instructions published on the website of the Consulate General of Italy in Los Angeles – Notary Section where such services are described in great details. This Honorary Consulate does not act as an intermediary between you and the General Consulate of Italy in Los Angeles: you need to contact them directly, have then prepare whatever you need, and only after you are informed that the document is ready you will make an appointment before this Honorary Consulate in Phoenix exclusively through our website (no email, no phone calls).

As an alternative to the above route, all interested persons (whether Italian citizens or not) can notarize their documents before any Notary Public. Once said document is executed before a Notary Public and furthermore completed with an Apostille issued pursuant to the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, it can be used in Italy for any legal purposes

The Honorary Consul renders notary services as an Arizona Notary Public and is available to notarize documents presented to her written either in Italian or English. Please proceed and reserve an appointment through our appointment section and be sure to select a date from the calendar at the bottom of the page. We do not accept walks-in. Thank you.